Advanced Identity Protector

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Advanced Identity Protector

Internet is a minefield and a single misstep might cost you your very identity. Advanced Identity Protector ensures that none of your sensitive personal information such as email ids, login ids, passwords, credit card numbers, contact information and social security number etc. lies unprotected on your Windows PC. It looks for such information on your system so you can permanently remove them or lock them in Secure Vault.


Prevent Intruders from Accessing Your Personal Information.



Advanced Identity Protector the best id theft protection tool ensures confidential information such as passwords, email accounts, credential details, credit card information and social security number etc. cannot be accessed by anyone except you.


Encrypt your files and folders for protecting your Identity online

AES Encryption

Cutting edge AES security for encryption to secure your documents to ensure complete protection for your identity

Follow Sub Folders

Encrypt sub folders of a directory

Complete Support

this can support Images, video, audio, documents, code, etc. all type of files

1 review for Advanced Identity Protector

  1. Kutun Rul

    I am very satisfied with this Softwares. It offers good protection on all types of windows. The price/quality ratio is huge, especially since there are regular promotions. The website is clear and easy to navigate. I highly recommend it.

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